Take physic, pomp

Latin Business Chronicle’s Leader of the Year Award goes to…………

Count ’em up
……….Alan García. Wow, what a surprise. LatAm’s worst and most brazenly neocon bizrag chooses LatAm’s worst and (this is official, don’t take my word for it) most unpopular president as its poster boy. How cute. García gets the nod because he was lucky enough to be Prez while commodities were strong and wasn’t moron enough to change Toledo’s economic plan (though LBC gives their own twist of that truth).

Meanwhile, to get a feel about just how much chance Chávez, Studmuffin and the Axis of Evo has of bagging this award one day, note that previous winners were Felipe Calderón (2007), Martín Torrijos (2006) and Álvaro Uribe (2005). Nuff said. These LBC guys are running out of friendly natives fast, but they’ve already thought of a solution, clever fachas that they are. Because of the current lack of right wing candidates, next year Latin Business Chronicle poll will try and pick the best LatAm leader of the last 50 years. Here’s the short list;

1. Juan Peron
2. Alfredo Stroessner
3. Rafael Videla
4. Augusto Pinochet
5. Alvaro Uribe

It’s going to be a tough choice, because photos of all five figure prominently on the walls of the LBC editor’s office.

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