drowsy syrups of the world

Laura Meckler of the WSJ, winner of this week’s coveted award

This is the condescending drivel written in the lead para of her note this morning:
“With the Middle East in turmoil, Japan’s nuclear reactors at least partly melting down and Congress in the midst of a budget battle, President Barack Obama is going to … Latin America.”
Let’s be clear before continuing that this is not about Obama’s job choices, because he’s turned out to be a tosser too. Oh my stars, I’m so tempted to come out with a whole line of words that I wouldn’t use in my mother’s presence. But I’m going to keep it steady, make it clear this is just another slice of the normal “our backyard” piffle that your idiots in power up there still cling to and then tell the ridiculous excuse for a journalist named Laura Meckler to…

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