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Lawrence Lepard is a director at a scam (Day 12)

This humble corner of cyberspace is aware people kvetch on the ‘easy listing’ characteristics of the CSE exchange in Canada, but its author has come to appreciate its obligatory “Monthly Activity Report”, that it requires from listed companies. It has to be filed at the start of each month (they have til the 5th, if memory serves) and each company has to give an outline of what they’ve been up to in the previous month. With that in mind, here’s the report just filed by Lawrence Lepard’s scam pump, RISE Gold (RISE.cse):

That paperwork, the only thing done in a month by people on cash salaries now cutting into its recent raising, could be connected to Proust’s scammy spinout of Southern Arc shares into this and other companies. Or it could be a new OTC listing for the P&D that siphons shares into a bunch of US retail suckers instead of Canadians. But oh man, whichever way you look this company stinks to high heaven, it passes the scam smell test with flying colours.


    18. List the animals that your company’s principals molested during the past month.

    4 goats, 2 chickens, 2 dogs, 1 sheep, 1 cow, 1 duck


    Proust! Avoid any company in which he is involved. If he has ever had a real success, I would like to know about it. Southern Arc has never done a thing and he drove NZ Energy into the ground. The same thing will probably happen with Japan Gold.


    Proust! Made friends with Giustra at Japan Gold. Did I say G&A?


    Note that John Proust has removed New Zealand Energy from his bio. I lost millions on this deal. Disaster how he blew a 60m dollar bought deal at 3 bucks…..where did it go????


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