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Lawrence Lepard is a director at a scam (Day 9)

Let’s see what local residents think of Rise Gold’s (RISE.cse) plan to put the Idaho-Maryland mine back into production. Here’s B.J. Griffin’s letter to the editor of the local Nevada County CA newspaper:
a resident whose property is bisected by South Wolf Creek, I write to
express my vehement objection to approval of this gold mining operation.
to the creek would be severe due to the extensive dewatering. Riparian
habitat, ground water, and wells along this beautiful and currently
healthy creek would be immeasurably harmed in the near term and for
generations to come. We are still monitoring Nevada County from the
effects of mining operations of the 20th century.
effect of the coronavirus on the real estate market has been the
subject of numerous articles. Residents are fleeing the Bay Area and
relocating to the foothills. Our county is attracting them because of
its beauty, quality of life, recreational opportunities, art and
culture, and, most importantly, our clean environment. These qualities
would be denigrated by the existence of a mine operation that brings
noise, air pollution, water pollution, heavy equipment traffic and use.
Greenhouse gas emissions are estimated at 9,000 metric tons per year.
are wisely spending millions on improving our broadband service, which
will attract relocated technology workers and clean businesses to Nevada
County. This is where Nevada County’s future lies. To allow this mine
to be developed and operated is totally antithetical to the success of
this endeavor to improve our technological capabilities.
I urge the county to take action to disallow
the Idaho-Maryland mine. It threatens to severely and permanently
damage South Wolf Creek and, by extension, the entire county. For the
sake of those of us who live along this precious resource, South Wolf
Creek, and all the residents of our wonderful paradise known as Nevada
County, I implore you to stop this atrocity.
B.J. Griffin
Grass Valley


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