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Lawrence Page QC is having a bad 2013, especially compared to 2012

My thanks to DF for the headsup on this.

Here’s a paste out of a mail that’s going around. You can find out more by clicking this link and reading about the meeting Lawrence Page QC is organizing for October 17th

It just so happens that Lawrence Page QC is a director of six public companies quoted in Canada. According to the regulatory filings of four of those:

  • Southern Silver (SSV.v) paid Lawrence Page QC $359,151 in 2012. SSV.v is now a 2c stock
  • Bravada Gold Corp (BVA.v) paid Lawrence Page QC $128,583 in 2012. BVA.v is now a 2c stock
  • Quaterra Resources Inc (QTA.v) paid Lawrence Page QC $72,400 in 2012. QTA.v is now a 15c stock
  • Homestake Resources Corp (HSR.v) paid Lawrence Page QC $160,596 in 2012. HSR.v is now a 5c stock.

In total, that’s $720,730 paid to Lawrence Page QC by the companies in his “Manex Group” in 2012 alone, and we haven’t even included the fees he gets from the companies for his legal practice. Damn, I wonder why people aren’t so willing to fund explorecos any longer? Must be those tricky rules, eh Larry…

UPDATE: Iwnattos adds his dos centavitos

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