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Leaving Twitter (from IKN558)

Just so you know.


In light of Twitter banning (or
“permanently suspending”, whatever that means) financial scandal site ZeroHedge
(ZH) from publishing, I have left Twitter. Most of you won’t care one way or
the other (and fwiw, 24 hours after leaving I find myself not caring much
either), but I know some of you will so three bullet points on the decision.

  • I don’t like ZH. I read things on there from time to
    time, mostly when sent a link by third parties, but it’s of very little
    use in my business life and seems to pride itself as one of the hubs
    conspiracy theories. I don’t like the way the deliberate way they mix
    fact, speculation and BS and deliberately use the mix to trigger people, there’s
    also a lack of transparency about its founders (owners) and editorial line
    that isn’t exactly a red flag, but has always kept me suspicious about
    true motives.

  • Twitter should not have banned Zerohedge. The power in
    the hands of any private company with a key role in modern should be used
    responsibly, not least a company from a country which tells us how much
    freer its citizens are than other places on the planet. Twitter can point
    to its rulebook and its corporate existence as justification for its
    decision to ban, we cannot be as naïve to ignore the intertwined nature of
    public and private in these modern times. You do not need to be a
    government to be guilty of suppressing free speech.

  • My decision to leave is for personal reasons and is
    absolutely about the arbitrary censorship handed down by Twitter, but
    don’t think of it as a judgment against Twitter because it’s more critical
    of me. Why didn’t I leave in protest when Alex Jones/InfoWars was banned,
    for example? It didn’t hit my personal limit point, but banning ZeroHedge
    does. I’m not trying to convince you to join me and recognize that your
    limits on censorship may well be different and you can handle the ZH ban
    (even approve of it), neither do I feel the need for your approval on my
    decision. However, as it had built into an effective means of
    communication for IKN over the least two years (22 months to be exact) I
    need to inform you, subscriber of The IKN Weekly.

Also, even if Twitter reinstates ZH
I don’t think I’ll be going back anytime soon, censorship is not going to get
better over time and I prefer not to be a part of such suppression even at a
passive level. On the other hand, the opportunity it gave to exchange with many
of you was excellent and the reason for the exercise, so if anyone has a
“non-Twitter” alternative I’ll be happy to listen. As long as it’s not

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