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Leopoldo López: He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy

One of the main problems with the Venezuela situation today (as so eloquently pointed out by Ruben Blades this morning) is that you might not be into the Maduro government, but the choices offered by the established opposition are pretty freakin’ cruddy too. Take for example the words of the now-arrested Leopoldo López in 2012, as he looked back on the events of the very-near-coup of 2002 (in which he was a central figure):

“In 2002, errors were committed…that time was a moment of high confrontation, a moment where errors were certainly committed by both sides. We have to make a difference between [the events of] April 11th, and those of April 12th and 13th. At that moment errors were committed because the country had reached a level of confrontation, of intolerance to which we should never have reached and I have asked God that we never go back and reach those levels [again].”

Now consider López’s words in this Greg Weeks post “Lopez Acts like a Thug” last week:

Leopoldo López allegedly has an arrest warrant out against him, and here is his response:

Late Thursday Lopez dared the government to arrest him. 

“You don’t have the b—- to put me in jail?” He wrote Maduro on Twitter. “Or are you waiting for your orders from Havana? The truth is on our side.”

It may well be that López would like to become a martyr, but acting like a teenaged bully is not a good way to achieve that.  

So, maybe he didn’t ask his God so very well, because less than two years later the very same person who admitted that “errors were committed” (including of course the classic pissy use of the passive voice, hallmark of the political asshole) is the one so keen on ratcheting up the confrontation. The reason is simple; the more blood on the streets, the better his strategic position in a straight fight to try and make fall a democratically elected government. These pieces of shit don’t care about the people they put in harm’s way and don’t ever forget it.
López may be your idea of some sort of political saviour or hero of the country. If so, it’s more of a reflection on you than on Venezuela.

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