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Lessons in Quechua

We’ve seen Hilaria Supa in IKN previously, when this post tracked the racist attitude of blue-eyed whitey Lima establishment towards the congresswoman for the Cusco region.

Today the upholders of Peru’s institutionalized racism are on her back again, as recently she apparently used the following words to describe APRA (the Twobreakfasts party) members in the Chamber of Congress (a great chance to add to your Quechua vocab coming up right now);

  • Aras (outsiders)
  • Suacuna (thieves)
  • Leqles (snotty)
  • Maqllas cuna (tight-fisted, bad, broken)
  • Maqlla Runa (bad people)
  • Maula (donkey, brute, stupid)
  • Suha (thief)
  • Suhacha (petty thief)
  • Supaypa Wawan (children of the devil)
Apparently the APRA congress members want Hilaria Supa investigated by the congressional ethics committee. I can only guess they feel the need to examine how she manages to tell the truth and want to emulate her for once in their pathetic, two-faced, self-serving lives.

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