Take physic, pomp

Let us consider how Tommy Humphreys operates in his dirty world

That CEO.ca’s Tommy Humphreys is a two-faced slimeball who would sell his grandmother’s lunch hasn’t been lost on this humble corner of cyberspace for many moons. That the wonderful world of Vancouver capital markets is waking up to the fact is a new and welcome development. 
Case in point: Sources that must remain nameless working in a brokerage that must remain nameless (but Hey! Would you like to guess?), reliably inform your humble scribe that during the recent merger of GRP Mineral (owners of the Pan FUBAR) and Fiore Gold (one of Frank Giustra’s plethora of vehicles), Tommy Humphreys tried to con the parties out of over a million dollars. What happened was that Tommy got wind that GRP was up for sale from the broker in charge of the account. Once he did he ran full pelt to his paymaster, told Frank that he could get GRP for Fiore and, because he was the bearer of the news (about 15 minutes before the real person in charge) claimed a finder’s fee that Tommy insisted was in the seven figure range. And he nearly got away with it too, until the moment the compliance people read the fine print, saw the outrageous and totally illegitimate claim and threatened Giustra with the breaking of the whole shebang if he refused to bring his overweight poodle to heel. Frank hadn’t noticed the scam Tommy was trying to pull before the compliance guy brought it up, so it is to Giustra’s credit (such words are impressive from this blog, but they have to be written) that Giustra sided with the bitter complaints from GRP’s shareholders, agreed to annul Tommy’s millionaire claim and brought the finder’s fee down to around $100,000 so that the deal could go through.
That’s the two-faced weasel Humphreys for you, capable of trying to steal somebody else’s fee after being told something in complete confidence by a person who thought Tommy was his “friend”. Vancouver’s movers and shakers should think twice before trusting this snake in the grass with their gossip.
Sociopaths have no friends, they have people they use and then discard. Right, Frank?

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