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Let us consider silver miner stock leverage to gold miner stocks

Here’s the Global X Silver Miners ETF (SIL) versus GDXJ:
Here’s the thing, silverbugs and assorted silver shills and promoters: We know your portfolio is up since late March because SIL is up 45% or so. Happy for you, but we are now three months into a crash rebound which came on the back of an already-bullish background for precious metals before broad markets had their collapse. Where is silver’s “leverage to gold” that you promo pump boys constantly promise? At what point will you admit your stupidity, need another quarter guys? We are not talking about this-or-that stock, we aren’t considering your luck at the stock-picking craps table but your baseline philosophy behind owning silver and its related stocks over gold etc. So here’s the deal in bullet points so that even you people can understand:
  • You told us that silver stocks would out-perform gold stocks. 
  • The hard evidence, three months later, shows that not to be the case. As the chart above shows, the opposite is true.
  • Please explain why.
From what I see, you have three options. You can just deny everything (la la la), or you can admit you were wrong (knowing your level of IQ, that’s unlikely) or you can tell us it just hasn’t happened yet. So how many more weeks, months or years do we require, guys? Bated breath…

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