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Let’s play Odd Man Out, gold project edition

Here’s the question: Which of the following large tonnage, low grade bulk mining gold projects is the odd man out?

  • East Asia Minerals (EAS.v) at Miwah
  • NadaGold (NG) (NG.to) at Galore Creek
  • NadaGold (NG) (NG.to) at Donlin Creek
  • Andina (ADM.v) at Volcan
  • Sunward (SWD.v) at Titiribi
  • Eco Oro (EOM.to) at Angostura
  • Exeter (XRC.to) (XRA) at Caspiche
  • International Tower Hill (ITH.to) (THO) at Livengood

So have a good think and plump for your choice, then check out the answer below.

The answer is Sunward (SWD.v) at Titiribi. It’s the only one with a realistic chance of ever becoming a mine.

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