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Let’s talk about plagiarism

Peru’s presidential election has finally started getting fun.
César Acuña is no also-ran candidate in the Peruvian 2016 Presidential race. Currently joint second place in the polls, he’s fighting for the all-important second spot behind Keiko Fujimori that will make up the run-off fight and decide who gets the Big Job. Hes’ a very rich guy too, having set up his own private university with branches in many major cities in Peru.
He’s also been a very naughty boy. Y’see, people who don’t want him to become Prez (roughly 85% of Peru, as he’s polling 15% tops) decided to look at his doctoral thesis published in 2009 and guess what? Yup, he’s a cheat. And hey I get annoyed when bullboard posters copy and paste IKN material wholesale and never bother offering a link (and then claim their work as original) but that personal gripe pales into insignificance when compared to real cases, such as when candidates running for the Presidency of countries are found out for what they are, liars and intellectual thieves. Here’s a segment I’ve translated into English of this report in Peru’s newspaper of record, El Comercio, today (for the rest you need to go over and read it yourself…don’t accuse me of stealing others work or taking clicks away now will you…)
The findings
Acuña’s doctorate thesis is entitled “Professorial Competence and Academic Results of Students in Private Universities in Peru”, it has 359 pages.

On pages 21 and 22 of the thesis it contains, without quotes or any references, more than nine paragraphs of pages 4, 5 and 6 of the document entitles “Educative quality in the crediting of training program for specialists in professional certification”, published by the World Health Organization in 2000.

On page 25, under the sub-title “Regarding the quality of teaching in the university” we find a text identical to the introduction written by Maria Belando Monto in “Professors in the 21st century and the quality of university teaching: Centred on training”, publish in a Valladolid University Review in 1999, once again without any citation.

But there are more examples: Pages 23 and 24 of the work by César Acuña show identical extracts of a thesis by Martha Calderón Franco presented to the San Marcos University (in Peru). From page 33 to 39 the document copies an article published by the professor of Oviedo University (Spain) José Vicente Peña, in total six pages identical to the information in the work of that professor. Also page 129 of the César Acuña thesis is shown to have copied an article published in 2004 by Sergio Montico, professor at Rosario University (Argentina). The non-cited sources have not been included as part of the thesis bibliography either. It’s worth noting that other examples have also been detected.

Whole report here
There’s one thing that never ceases to amaze me about people who want to
become Presidents of
countries; however apparently coherent and intelligent they sound and
seem on the surface, the way in which they all assume their past foibles
and skeletons in cupboards will never get found out is arch-stupidity,
cubed and concentrated. Especially when the candidate is Peruvian, wants
to be President of Peru and is up against Alan Garcia (if you think his
band of “investigators” isn’t behind this one, I have a bridge to sell

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