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Liberty Silver (LBSV) (LSL.to) (LBSV.ob): The PDF report on Bobby Genovese

On the day that Liberty Silver (LBSV) (LBSV.ob) (LSL.to) is due to have its trading halt lifted by the SEC (though its shares are now moved to the difficult-to-trade gray sheets), the authors of the recent PDF report into the scams run by Liberty Silver’s backer, Bobby Genovese, have allowed your author to share the report, previously distributed to a restricted list of regulators, journalists and financial commentators, with the general public. You can find it on this link right here, a 1.2Mb, 16 page report that goes deeply into the background of Genovese the stock promoter, shows his history and track record of conducting scams and looks at the way in which Liberty Silver has been set up for his benefit, too. Here’s how the report starts:
On Friday October 5th, 2012 it came to our attention that the Division of Enforcement decided to halt trading in the shares of Liberty Silver Corp. (LBSV.ob) for a period of nearly two weeks resulting in the issuer being downgraded to the Grey Market pursuant to rule 15c2-11. We would like to thank you for rising to the occasion and being pro-active just when we were beginning to complain about the lack of oversight on the OTCBB market. With this trading halt it appears to us that the SEC may be turning a new page in how it treats pump and dumps something that will prevent billions of dollars of retail investor losses.
Following your trading halt we decided to dig into Liberty Silver Corp. and see if there were any red flags we could identify. The following is a compilation of what we believe to be the relevant facts investors, associates, bankers, lawyers, and accountants should be exposed to before investing, trading, or associating with Robert Donald Bruce Genovese AKA Bobby Genovese and his most recent OTCBB Promo Liberty Silver Corp. (LBSV.ob).

It is what I consider an important report, one that strips away Genovese’s facade and shows him for what he is. Here’s a little of how it continues:

Our investigation of Mr. Genovese has uncovered a different story one of a Vancouver Investor Relations man turned stock promoter whose name shows up repeatedly as being associated with OTCBB pennystocks, unscrupulous promotions, and offshore companies. It is important to note that while some of the information we are providing has been previously reported on this is the first time an all-encompassing account of Mr. Genovese’s business dealings has been put together stringing together what is in our view a more plausible explanation of his fortune but most importantly providing a template for how he has architected his current OTCBB promotion: Liberty Silver (LBSV).

 Here’s the link again, go have a read for yourself. 

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