Take physic, pomp

Liberty Silver (LSL.to) is your humble scribe’s main mailbag theme…

…with three general themes on offer:
1) Mouthbreathers harping on about the rise in the stock since yesterday morning as “proof” the stock isn’t a scam- Sorry folks, it still is a 100% dyed-in-the-wool scam, no matter what the price does on any given day. In fact, trading patterns like this…

…scream nothing but scam. People, if you don’t understand what’s in front of your eyes it’s not my fault.
2) The naive going on about newsletter pump artist comments (some bullshit artist named Jeff Handwringer or summink) on how wonderfully the stock is trading and being extremely selective about what they put in front of their flocks. 
3) Pro traders and insto desks all saying that it’s impossible to get a lend and go short. And believe me, there’s a lot of people who want to do that. 
Then there was this short mail from someone who knows more than the average Joe:

What the regulators in Canada did is abysmal. They allowed a company who had a primary listing in the US and which was suspended for trading in its primary listing market continue to trade in their secondary market. Meanwhile US investors can’t sell shares on the grey sheets but Canadians with their tiny float are artificially trading in the shares.

We at IKN Nerve Centre™ agree 100% with that. Disclosure: No position in this total heap of bullshit scam run by scumbags and thieves and I’ll never have one, either. The only thing to say about this stock is “avoid like the plague”.

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