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Licking the rock

This one will keep all you geols tuning in happy, the story of a geology professor in Vienna who is heading up the city’s old building maintenance and upkeep program and tests the state and quality of the stones by….yup you got it….LICK. THE. ROCK. Here’s a translated chunk of the text (and as my German is basically non-existent, this time it’s a Google Translate job)
“Professor Rohatsch has tasted it all as a seasoned geologist with a refined sense of taste. “There were hundreds of buildings and objects in which I could gain experience. And of course every rock is sampled with the tongue, “says Rohatsch. But sometimes it also scares him, for example when rock is heavily polluted and unhealthy.
“There are many heavy metals in there, soot, dust particles, rubber
output … I’ll say it clearly in the Viennese way: I do not lick up any
Here’s the whole translated piece and it’s worth going over, if only to see the photos. But before you do close your eyes and imagine the typical, stereotype Austrian professor, you won’t be disappointed. My thanks to reader CM.
PS: For more on the subject, this:
You might be wondering why you’re being offered advice on how to lick a
rock. Who licks rocks? you might find yourself asking. Well, there’s a
little known species called the geologist and they are experts
at said task. Some people may have heard of a geologist but most will
never have seen one as they still spend much of their time in the wild.
Excess facial hair, large collections of walking boots and the ability
to pronounce “molybdenite” correctly are all indicators that somebody
may actually be a geologist.
Full thing here.

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