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“Lima Family”

In case you were wondering, this is CEO Diego Benavides and his live-in girlfriend, plus their close personal friends Susan Gabbie and Steve Ngatai, way back in 2014. Also to stop any wondering, there was no hacking involved as this photo was lifted from Susan Gabbie’s public Instagram site:

Funny how they both turn up as fake executives at MIRL a few years later, unqualified and without the experience for C-suite jobs yet warmly welcomed on board. These people still refuse to file their CVs to the authorities, by the way. Three months in and they still cannot face facts.

For the record, CEO Benavides and his live-in told the MIRL directors they had no personal friendships with Gabbie and Ngatai. Big error.


    Benavides was in much better shape back then


    Incendiary 🙂

    Susan Gabbie appears to be from the strata of society that believes only “friends” look at their social media posts – clearly dumb as a rock and not suitable for an executive role.


      And let’s not forget the other woman in the photo, who has been on U$5,000/month from Minera IRL (i.e. you and me) since leaving the company in 2014.


    What can you resonably expect from a guy who is on a paltry 500k a year? To remember all such details? And 7 years ago.

    What are the chances that a senior figure at the company took the picture?


      It is uncanny how so many of the senior figures at Minera IRL are close personal friends of Diego Benavides. Gerardo Perez, Lema, Gabbie, Ngatai and oh so many of its “consultants”. And those include his own family members, e.g. his son paid via third party accounts. When you see this much corruption going on, you have to wonder what else there is to uncover.


    Corruption in the space and the horde of retired geologists acting as it’s regulators are aiding it’s downfall. Meanwhile in Crypto land which BTW poses the biggest existential threat to the junior mining space yet, we continue to see funds diverted away from the junior resource space. And why not. The Junior space is just as unregulated.


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