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Lithium Juniors = Snake Oil, part 429

I’ve said it before (plenty of times, in fact) and I’ll say it again: Lithium isn’t the fuel of the future. Now some eggheads over at Toyota have told the world the same thing. News that Toyota has rejected lithium and is sticking with nickel-based battery systems for vehicles after three years of secret tests is now hitting the specialist websites and has made it to Bloomberg, too. The story at altenergystocks headlined “Toyota Tests and Rejects Lithium-ion Batteries For the Prius” is pretty typical and includes:

Yesterday and this morning we learned that after secretly testing a fleet of 126 Prius Hatchbacks with lithium-ion battery packs for three years, Toyota Motors (TM) has decided to stick with its tried and true nickel metal hydride, or NiMH, battery technology for the foreseeable future.

And thus another headless-chicken metal pump-job hits the wall of reality at high speed and dies its inevitable death. The good news is that there’s a great market filter for junior mining investors available right now: All you need to do is make a checklist of all the exploration plays that have recently jumped on the Lithium bandwagon, then note the names of all the directors of those companies and then never invest a penny with any of them ever again.

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