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Litigation bully and proven securities fraudster, Porter Stansberry is having a bad week

Not only is his BS pump Northern Dynasty dropping like a stone and making him into a laughing stock around the market.
Not only are many of his key staff jumping ship and leaving in droves.
But now word reaches IKN Nerve Centre that on March 3rd 2017 Frank Porter Stansberry (for it is he) “voluntarily dismissed” his lawsuit against IKN and your humble scribe. And this is what happens when you stand up against these lying scumbags. We know he loves litigation, because he was stupid enough to take his securities fraud case as high as the US Supreme Court (he lost of course, the judges laughed him out of the room). 
It’s too easy to fold and bend in front of this type of legal bullyboy tactic and that’s what Porter is, a bully. But IKN stood up to his bullying and that’s due to a simple point: The man is a liar and what IKN writes about him on these pages is the absolute truth. Therefore it’s pleasant to hear the suit has been dropped and the IKN position has been vindicated by the man himself. Enjoy paying those legal bills, Porter you asshole.

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