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Liveable LatAm

The dudes at Mercer came out with their “Worldwide Cost of Living Survey”, 2009 version yesterday. The thing is aimed at ex-pats doing business, not locals who know the cheap ways of living. The idea is that for U$585 (not joking) you get this big wodge of a report that will tell businesses just how much it costs to send their troops abroad.
As usual, we don’t care much for the silly regions around the world like “North America” or “Europe” or “Asia” cos nothing much happens in those places anyway…..and they have no idea about how to make a decent mojito. Tokyo is top…big deal. So here we go with the important stuff…LatAm! Mercer surveyed 16 cities in the region (and although limited, gotta say the choices are fairly representative) and here’s how they panned out. The ranking shows just how expensive the place is in the 143 cities surveyed.
City Country Rank
Caracas Venezuela 15
Sao Paulo Brazil 72
Rio de Janeiro Brazil 73
Panama City Panama 93
Santo Domingo Dom. Rep. 104
Buenos Aires Argentina 112
Guatemala City Guatemala 119
Bogota Colombia 120
Lima Peru 122
Santiago Chile 128
Montevideo Uruguay 131
San Jose Costa Rica 132
Quito Ecuador 136
Mexico City Mexico 137
Asuncion Paraguay 141
Monterrey Mexico 143
Way up and above the rest is Caracas at 15th most expensive. Now I’m not shelling out U$585 to read the whole report (you think I’m teh stoopid or summink?), but even though Caracas is pricey these days I’m guessing that the only way it can be that high is by calculating everything at the VEF2.15/U$1 official exchange rate. You seriously telling me a foreign exec would ignore the parallel market for his living expenses? If so, s/he ain’t much of a bizperson to begin with…

Then comes usual expensive suspects Rio and SP in Brazil (and yes, they are expensive). But Caracas aside, seems that LatAm offers pretty good value compared to the rest of the world, as the 15 cities all come in the bottom half of the ranking. And when you factor in the amount of fun and life on offer down here, there’s no better place in the world…well that’s what I think, anyway. DYODD, dude.

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