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Lobito in 2016! We check his track record so that you don’t have to

It’s that wonderful time of the year when the bullshit scammers working for the proven securities fraudster and legal bullyboy Porter Stansberry make up their fictitious report cards on their performances in the year just gone by. Top of the list of the BS-purveyors is Louis Lobito Little Wolf James, Chief Rock Kicker at Casey Research and a past master in massaging his true performance to make it look way better than it truly is.
But help is at hand! The industrious backroom staff here at IKN Nerve Centre* have done the heavy lifting for you and looked back through all the 2016 editions of Lobito’s two publications, “International Speculator” (IS) and “Casey Resource Investor (CRI) and found every single new recommendation made by Lobito in 2016. Then also his claimed entry price (which is often a bullshit call in itself, he loves picking a price from a couple of days before publication date when it suits him) and where we stand today. Then to round off, we add in the percentage change and a final column which assumes a $1,000 level stakes investment in each of the twelve names he reco’d last year. A table!

And the good news is….yes indeed Lobito made a profit last year. If you’d invested $12,000 with him, a thou on each pick, you’d walk away today with $12,098. And 63 cents. Before commissions. And before paying Casey Research. Hoorah!
In a little more detail, Lobito started badly by telling his flock to short the US stock markets (SH and SDS, with SDS famously being his Top Pick of the year…he hee). His did his subbers well by picking out Eastmain (ER.to) and Alexco as junior mining picks, then a good call on Kinder Morgan (KMI) in June. But then things got sticky….and I just love that new reco on Tahoe Resources Lobito, you outdid yourself there.
Bottom line: A monkey with a dartboard.


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