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“Long Nikkei/Short Gold: Profitable, dangerous and missed by everybody?”

I was sent this link by reader PB today and instead of sighing and ignoring it for the gold conspiracy type headline, I read it. That’s because I’ve learned that PB is a smart person and if he recos something, it’s for a good reason. Having just finished reading the note dated December 4th and entitled “Long Nikkei/Short Gold: Profitable, dangerous and missed by everybody?” I’m posting this because anyone who’s interested in the gold market should do the same. Even if you don’t agree with the thesis, there’s an awful lot of interesting brainfood here. 
No excerpt here, you need to read the whole thing. But do yourself a favour, don’t get put off by the double Y-axis charts at the top and read through the executive summary before making a personal call on the contents. That’ll take you less than two minutes and once you’ve done so, I bet dollars the donuts you’ll want to know more. Today’s metals must-read by a long distance, right here.
Thank you PB

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