Take physic, pomp


Y’know, I sometimes get moaned at for taking a longer-term view on junior mining investments and, quite frankly, I find my methods somewhat boring too, sometimes. After all, I could be in and out of a dozen stocks every month, picking and running with the latest momo play, or the hyped-up dog getting passed off as a real deal, or the fashion metal du jour with its waiting explorers.
But then sometimes it doesn’t worry me so much. An example of that is this morning when checking on the longer-term performance of one of The IKN Weekly’s recommended stocks, Fronteer Gold (FRG) (FRG.to) which has been a permanent member of the ‘Stocks to Follow’ list since The IKN Weekly’s inception back in May 2009 (and I held FRG before that time, something which Gary Biiwii deserves credit for).As of this morning we’re now 390% up on the position. Not shabby, even though they don’t always work out this well (which is easily checked by subbers, as all trades ever opened or closed are available to see in every edition).

If you look very, very carefully you may be able to spot a pattern. DYODD.

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