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Looking for the bottom? Look at Newmont

Newmont (NEM) is setting the tone:

NEM dropped on that poor earnings number, the other squiggly lines have since caught up (down?) with the sector leader, now NEM is trying to catch a bid as gold bullion fiddles under U$1,900/oz. Got some cash and looking for the buy window? Watch the current lead indicator stock.


    This should be good for copper going forward.

    Xi urges ‘all-out’ infrastructure push to boost China growth



    Do you really think PM’s catch a strong bid here? I mean, the Fed is weighing heavy on them and we have ‘bad seasonality’ coming up.
    Silver, in particular, is looking heavy.

    Andy Etnyre Pleasant Hill, Iowa 28/04/22 7:28 am

    AEM reports this afternoon – wondering if it will have the same disappointing results as NEM……these miners never seem to “beat”…….probably the same with AEM and it is supposedly “well run”. Hope I’m wrong – thanks for your daily comments – very informative.


    AEM has already signaled that Q1 will be weak or lower. They doing some kitchen sinking using KL as the excuse now with Tony gone. A customary $1-2 drop will be a time to nibble .


    AEM numbers look good. I was already buying over the past week and doubled my position at the open. The KL acquisition was a total steal. Shame on KL but it allowed those to get in to AEM cheap.


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