Take physic, pomp

Looks like I was right about Regulus Resources (REG.v) again

  • Correct about its long-term underperformace
  • Correct about its political risk
  • And now correct about its propensity for fast technical rebounds
  • Live with it, haters.

The following comes from IKN707, dated December 4th 2022:

Regulus Resources (REG.v): One only has to draw in some basic trend lines on a basic five-year price chart of Regulus Resources (REG.v) to make a basic point:

Long-term watchers of this stock know some basic facts, too:

  • It goes for long periods of poor volume and scant interest from the retail market
  • It has visited this current 70c/80c price level on numerous occasions and it’s as firm a floor price as they come.
  • From time to time, REG will see a volume spurt when it comes up on the market radar, however brief the interest may be.
  • When it does, it has a tendency to revalue quickly and violently.

The current chart looks like a set-up for the patient TA traders among this audience. If you buy that chart you’ll need to sit on your hands if REG continues to do what it’s done for the past couple of weeks. i.e. remain stubbornly sold-off on low volume trading while other copper explorecos move up. But assuming you have the fortitude to do so, at some point in 2023 it’s a high probability bet to do what it tends to do and spike higher. When it does, you’ll also need the intestinal fortitude to take your profit and not listen to the market rah-rah that will talk the company a lot higher, but assuming you can follow the stock market’s most basic rule…

  • Buy low
  • Sell high

…there’s a profit to be made from snapping up REG shares at these prices. Personally I will not partake, as I have better things to do in my life than sponsor anything connected to Fernando Pickmann. But that’s just me and my moral handbook, the IKN Weekly exists to highlight potential trades, this is the market and money has no smell.


    Joe Charland North Vancouver 23/12/22 5:22 pm

    great assets


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