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Lucky Pierre

One of the nicest (and most unexpected) bonuses of running this humble corner of cyberspace has been the contacts made with many and varied smart readers. For example reader ‘MP’ who wrote in today with this:

Lucky Pierre Lassonde was interviewed by Eric King on the following days over the past 6 months.

February 13, 2010
May 26 and 29, 2010
August 4, 2010

Now have a look at the YTD OLV.V chart.

For those who don’t know King World News is a radio program run by Eric King, covers metals, resource stocks and issues and is a favoured place on the dial for all the tinfoilhat brigade, too. So being a good little boy I did just what MP told me to do and here’s that chart.
Interesting, no? Those two previous big jumps exactly coincide with Lassonde’s appearances on the King World Pump show. And so today, August 4th, Lassonde again appears on the Eric King show and yup, OLV.v is up 18.64% on 3X volumes. Are these facts perchance related, Pierre?

Oh, and then there’s this, from the latest Management Information Circular for Olivut (OLV.v)

Pierre Lassonde holds an aggregate of 5,225,571 Common Shares and 269,286 Warrants, which represent a total of 5,494,857 or approximately 15.95% of all the issued and outstanding Common Shares, assuming the exercise of the Warrants.

Cue Owly:

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