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Lugo and his family: The Song!

It didn’t take long to get President Fernando Rasputin Lugo’s fatherhood exploits set to music. Here we go with Paraguayan cumbia group Angeles and their tribute to the priestly stud.

You’ll get the most out of it if you speak Spanish, but at least watch out for the chorus:

“Lugaucho tiene corazón, pero no usó el condon”

Translation (with “Lugaucho” a friendly mix of the word “gaucho” with “Lugo”)

“Lugo has (a good) heart, but he didn’t use condoms.”

UPDATE: On the prompting of sketch I checked out the song again. Yep it’s ‘usó’ and not ‘usa’..so I’ve changed the translation. Thanks Sketch. FWIW I’m no good with lyrics in English, either. By the way the phrase “Lugo tiene corazón” isn’t one chosen by chance by the group; it was Lugo’s campaign slogan last year.

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