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Luna Gold (LGC.to) 3q14 production

Its numbers are out tonight and its 20,188oz of production means Luna Gold (LGC.to) needs to produce 21k and bits in order to scrape into its new downwardly revised guidance for 2014 (75k to 85k). I’ll laugh hard if they make it by a hair’s breadth then have the audacity in January ’15 to crow about hitting guidance, because they started the year by promising they’d produce at least 85k. Anyway, that’s another thing for another day, this time rather than wheel out the prod number chart again here’s the sales breakdown:
For what it’s worth, according to the calc that will put LGC 3q14 revenue at very close to $20m, gross profit at around $3.5m and assuming LGC doesn’t book another large forex gain to pad its figures out like it did last quarter, G&A will take most of that gross profit away and leave very little indeed on the bottom line. Again. Crappy company.
Anyone want to take the under or over on house predictions? Nolan Watson praps?

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