To quit this horrid act


In other news, even though this humble corner of cyberspace is largely uninterested in which of the candidates is chosen as the lesser of two evils in The United States of America, a word is needed on Trump’s “I’ve always wanted to get a Purple Heart” comment this morning as it means quite specifically that…
1) He wanted to be a member of the military.
2) He wanted to be wounded during active service.

His ignorance knows no bounds, though that’s no disqualification for the job of President (plenty of historical evidence available). However IKN does salute the genuine nature of support Trump got from the veteran who gifted him a copy of his Purple Heart.

PS: A word of advice to potential mailers: Putting “Dear shit for brains” as your title line guarantees that your mail will be deleted without opening and all those fancy words you used in the body of your missive will remain unread forever. 

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