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Lydian (LYD): Cronimet of Germany is paying bribes to Armenian politicians to block Amulsar

On Friday, Michael McRae of Kitco reported on the NR out of Lydian International (LYD.to) and published a pice entitled “Who has been paid to block Amsular? — Lydian”, which picked up on the accusation levied by LYD in its latest NR:
“The Government of Armenia has said publicly that Lydian and the
Amulsar Project have been the subject of a campaign by rival mining
companies providing support to opponents of the Amulsar Project,” said
the company in a news release.

“Armenian society has been dragged into an endless discussion
around an audit which had no legal grounds to question Lydian’s rights
to operate in the first place. When will the Government of Armenia
identify the rival mining companies conducting this campaign, how much
has been paid to oppose the Amulsar Project and who has been paid?”
Sadly, McRae didn’t do much else but re-hash the NR, a pity because there’s a fun story of intrigue and corruption behind it all. It turns out that German mining company Cronimet, owners of the Zangezur copper/moly mine in Armeania, is behind it all as they have been bribing the Armenian government at Environment ministry level as well as paying direct cash to the protesters around the project site to stop it from happening. Cronimet’s bribery is ongoing.
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