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Lydian (LYD.to): Now officially untouchable

The thing to use in a crappy juniors market is a filter, just find the reason not to consider an investment in a company and when you do, move on. Immediately. If you don’t find one, it may (repeat may) be worth more of your DD time. The reason why Lydian International (LYD.to) is now untouchable as an investment comes in its NR today on the nominations for new board members (author adds bold type):
Stephen J. Altmann is a Managing Director with Morrison Park Advisors,
an independent investment bank. Prior to assuming this position in
January 2012, he was President and a Director of ECU Silver Mining Inc.,
which he joined in January 2007. Prior to joining ECU, Mr. Altmann
worked as an investment banker providing financial and strategic advice
to a large selection of domestic and international public companies at
firms such as RBC Dominion Securities, Credit Suisse First Boston,
Scotia Capital and, most recently, at Desjardins Securities as head of
its mining team. He also worked as a geophysicist prior to his
investment banking career. Mr. Altmann holds a Bachelor of Science
Degree (Honours) in Geophysics and a Master’s Degree in Business
Anyone with a memory about how long ECU Silver bullshitted the world and what that bullshit managed to do with the naive idiot cash poured into it from the incessant GATA-centric pumps (Bill Murphy, Wistar Holt, “Mexico Mike” Kachawhatsit) will know what Altmann is about. The mere fact that the LYD management team is desperate or stupid (or both) enough to want him on board is testament to their business nous: it’s zero. Scam pumper scumballs like Altmann shouldn’t be on junior mining boards of directors. They should be in jail. Lay with dogs and get fleas, dumbass LYD people. 

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