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Macquarie’s 2011 PM exploration junior picks

It’s PDAC-eve and unsurprisingly we’re already being bombarded with brokerage reports and umpteen semi-empty company NRs (and it’s only going to get worse on Monday, folks). Here’s an example and  so thanks to kind reader ‘D’, here’s the link to the PDF published by Macquarie yesterday featuring the following names
  • Auryx Gold (AYX.to) 
  • Colossus Minerals (CSI.to) 
  • Eastmain Resources (ER.to) 
  • Extorre Gold Mines (XG.to) 
  • International Tower Hill (ITH.to) (THM)
  • Rainy River Resources (RR.v) 
  • Tahoe Resources (THO.to)
  • Virginia Mines (VGQ.to)
  • ATAC Resources (ATC.v)
But keep an eye on the recos, because Macquarie has called eight of those as long opportunties and one of them as a short opportunity. Go read the paper to find out which is which. For what it’s worth*, I agree with Macquarie on four of the calls, I’m ‘meh’ on two of them and disagree with three….but WTFDIK anyway?

PS: By the way this is a 184 page report with plenty of pretty pictures too, so give it time on the download, yeah?

*not a lot

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