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Mailbag: Glencore and Novo Resources (two unconnected stories, I hasten to add)

Mail of the week comes from reader and real mining person MG, who reacts this way to the reports this week on how Glencore (GLEN.L) uses violence against old ladies in Cusco in order to grab their land:
Thanks for showing those photos – the locals, the cops and the Cat gear.
I cannot believe that even a D-grade manager of any mining company would allow that to happen.
These A-holes continue to make life more difficult for the rest of us every day.
More jail time is needed for such shitty management.
Best regards,
IKN Nerve Centre has received several mails and messages of the same ilk, but MG’s was the most on-point and concise. 100% agreed.

In other news, this morning I was again asked for an opinion about Novo Resources (NVO.v) and as I don’t cover it, am strictly neutral on it and have felt no need to add to the incessant noise about the stock, I only got to read its latest NR out on March 20th today. And y’know, after reading it yeah I am going to say something.


Seriously, what’s the point? At the very best NVO is innocently wasting its time. I mean, even if you get 50 g/t from the samples you’re not going to prove a thing about its mine-worthiness or otherwise, which is also true if they come back 0 g/t. The main problem is that I sincerely hope that this complete waste of corporate time and money has been done for naive but innocent reasons, because the only other alternative is to consider that NVO put together a bulk sample program in order to spin out time deliberately. And that would not be good at all.

One final thing: I’ve stayed out of this and still have no dog in the race, but every time I’ve met a mining sector person (lunch, site visit, office visit etc) they’ve asked for my thoughts on “hot story NVO” along with giving me their own unsolicited opinions. Those opinions have been a rough pro/contra split but what I can tell you is that every single geologist, engineer or mining market professional I know, have met or have come across from either Australia or New Zealand gives the project and the company a firm thumbs-down.

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