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(UPDATED) Mailbag on Quinton’s Cockroaches

My thanks to reader “Oil Geo of Calgary”, who mailed in highly entertaining stuff this morning. Here’s an extract:

“If its coming from Calgary then this guy is recruiting them:
“Tom Bodrovics”
Tom is a private investor from western Canada with a background in oil and gas. In 2014 he identified the top of the housing cycle and sold his home to invest in the junior resource sector. He gained a libertarian and contrarian perspective in 2013 when he attended an entrepreneurship course in Europe and has been studying markets of all types ever since. He operates a successful business servicing the oil and gas sector in Alberta and host of Palisade Radio.” https://palisadesradio.ca/our-team/

“But if you have a heart beat, and can lift 20lbs, then right now the oil patch is trying to hire you in Calgary because $75 may not last. So if this guy is selling real estate and trolling he doesn’t have any skills; if he did he’d be making $75/hr slinging pipe.”

TY Oil Geo. A neat fit with the established connection between Pallisades and non-stop paid pumping of juniors. What’s more, the way Dmitri Voyevoda tries to come across as some sort of trader superstar (sells real estate!) sure sounds like one of those aggressive little wimpy guys; All talk, no trousers, a lack of muscles to move heavy things. These are the foot soldiers in P.T. Barnum PhD’s sordid empire, more real names of his army coming up.

UPDATE: And we even get mail from Pizdets himself, bless him! A screenshot, for your viewing pleasure:

Because right on cue, all these cockroaches have to offer the world are the same lies and hatred spewed from the warped brain of Bob Jew Hater Moriarty. There’s zero coincidence that when you shine light on P.T. Barnum PhD, the same bile is immediately regurgitated online (Sidebar: you should really stop touching yourself when Quinton’s on YouTube, Bob). And to repeat, if you feel inclined to ask Bob Jew Hater Moriarty for a single shred of evidence over his accusations he will give you nothing in return, aside the permanent bluster vomiting from his addled face.

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