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Mailbag on the Vancouver Cambridge House mining conference, January 2011

IKN Nerve Centre™ gets all sorts of mail and mailers, but ‘JM’ is one that’s always good for raising a laugh. Here’s what your humble scribe received from JM yesterday evening (I’m sure he won’t mind):

Wow, the Van Cambridge 2011 in January sounds like a who’s who of folks that you’ve heard of.
Thom Calandra. Marin Katusa. James West. Bill Murphy from GATA. Um… then Grandich and Jay Taylor. Um… then Fulp and Cook.
I guess you really can’t choose who you share a room with when it comes to the Cdn mining analyst biz, eh? Fulp and Cookie both even get to be on a panel with Louis James.
I almost want to go…. Are these things good fun? Do they let you take video or audio recording gear in? Is it easier to smuggle it in than at a Marilyn Manson show?

Indeed, it’ll be interesting to hear Cook and James on the same “Yukon area plays” panel, especially when the subject of the Katusa-fuelled Casey bullshit pump on Bayfield (BYV.v) comes up, the one that made Katusa and his pals hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions on the $1.40 placement….you remember that one, dontcha Lobito?

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