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Mails from silverbugs

Quote/Unquote from the mailbox, grammar as received and thank you for caring enough to write in, reader R:

“I’m puzzling how your over-looking Bear Creek Mining! Pay more attention, it’s doing better than your silver pick! You need to pay more attention to your own backyard!”

Yes indeed R, we saw a strong rally today in BCM and with no fade into the close, unlike Discovery Silver (DSV.v):

BCM is showing well enough over the last two weeks, too. Lagged a bit to begin, but an excellent catch-up and if silver continues to rally, I agree that BCM could quickly see $2 again:

As for the quarter, there’s hardly anything in it. And both are up!

And the year…well, it hasn’t been easy for most silver stocks, has it?

As for the longer term…

…y’know what, R? On reflection, I’m going to stick with my “pick”. And is it just me, or does that word invoke an image of a bunch of choices presented for display, with a finger pointing at them going “eeny-meeny-miney-mo” with you as well?


    When you evaluate AXU next, could you look at (1) cash burn rate, and (2) share issuance frequency? I know you would anyway, but just need to get it off my chest while I’m thinking about it.


    And as if by magic, Bear Creek does a deal. Just announced it’s moving to Mexico and buying the Mercedes 50k oz gold mine from Equinox.


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