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Make money on July 26th with Copper Mountain (CMMC.to)

Since copper was pushed lower by Chinese dumping and jawbone about a month ago, Copper Mountain (CMMC.to) has been trading in-step with peers (proxy the ETF COPX). Which is hilarious.

Because on the morning of July 26th when CMMC releases its 2q21 results, Mr. Market is going to say, “Why are we pricing this massively profitable mining company with built-in organic growth the same way as the crud and nonsense in the copper sector?” And then the market will buy up CMMC.

The people who follow the market and react to news have been selling CMMC recently. The people who can do mathematics have bought the stock from them. You have been warned, and I am long .


    Using your free audience to pump your positions and later brag about how good your paid service is? Or starting to feel uncomfortable with the SP for your paid subscribers so you need a little boost?

    For someone who preaches morality day and night, it’s…


      Comments sections. Dontcha love em.

      You were the fat kid who cried about not getting extra sauce on his ice-cream, aren’t you?


    Made the cost of the sub back many times with CMMC now buying back in. It’s been a good trade and looking forward to more👍


    Had to buy a bit more today. Time will tell 😉

    Nikko Montreal Ouest 16/07/21 12:29 pm

    I did well with your last call. Bought today on the dip at 3.35 CAD. Fingers crossed.


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