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Mako Mining (MKO.v): Any thoughts on the recent election, Akiba?

After all, it must have crossed your mind by now:

Your insights would be fascinating. After all, you must consider yourself an expert on Nicaragua by now.


    Have you analyzed the volume over the entire year or just glancing at the chart? The share turnover has always been pretty small. It makes sense that there was more selling ahead of the election as investors get nervous about drawdowns. There seems to be buying when ever the stock dips so the lower volume suggests MKO is running out of sellers. Maybe it will take buybacks later in the year to provide the demand.


      Running out of sellers, are you serious? Oh my stars, stop taking the hopium! Guaranteed hallucinations, makes you feel good inside for a few minutes but hoo boy, that’s one expensive drug to get hooked on.


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