Take physic, pomp

The Mako Mining (MKO.v) PEA should go down as an industry classic

More than even the 43-101s written on Pretium at VOK, your author re-opened his copy of the baby shark’s September 2019 corporate presentation and had to stifle a giggle by the time Slide 10 came around:

Frankly, I admire Akiba for his achievement. The way he’s managed to carry you dumb idiot retail Twitter morons this far on virtually nothing as his asset falls apart around him is another prime case study for Vancouver Inc. promoters and wannabe mining rockstars. Akiba’s got a better future in store than his company’s share price, that’s for sure.


    Hi Mark, hope you are doing well.

    On MKO, I thought Akiba made it really clear the old PEA was poorly conceived and executed when he took over.

    Here is a Twitter thread that explains most of it.


    Based on your analysis, can MKO be fixed or is it a lost cause?


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