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Mako Mining (MKO.v): Reality begins to show its ugly head

Remind me: How many shares out? At what price?

How many ounces in reserve?


    Can you explain your comments on Mako? It seems like decent production for pre-commercial production. It also seems like cash costs are less than $600/oz. Doesn’t that make it an incredibly profitable mine? Also, why would we expect to have a lot of reserves for vein structure? It would make sense to drill only a few years ahead and it seems like Las Conchitas is next to enter production.

    I value your opinion and can’t reconcile your view with reality in this one case.


    741M shares FD (yikes) @ $0.31 USD = 230M mkt cap. for 31,200 oz a year (giving them the BOD, but guidance was for 40k pa).

    @1800 gold – $700 (WAG for AISC?) = $1100 * $31,200 = $34M in profit pa.

    spread out over 741M shares = $0.045 return per share.

    So a $30k investment will yield about $1400 pa.

    Is that about right?


      Arni your numbers are way off. They are pacing for 40k+ oz annual production and Akiba has confirmed gold recovered in June is a good proxy for monthly production for the next twelve months. Mark IKN will deny that all day long but only time will tell who is right.


    Plus production doubling to likely at least 80k oz in 2023 and the potential for decades of resource.


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