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Mantaro Silver: Luis Saenz ready to ruin another region’s community relations with mining

Now that Mantaro Silver is funded up ($5.3m raised last week, another $2m on top in the NR today), the team can take its lead from the single worst and dirtiest Peruvian mining executive on how to operate in the country. After all, this proto pumpjob with P.T. Barnum PhD leading the payola racket decided to hire the universally blackballed Luis Saenz as a director (and for why, Google his name and the word “Quiruvilca”). Mantaro CEO Chris Wilson may be a Doctor, but he’s still going to get laughed at behind his back if he ever shows up in his country of operations. At least by showing us the Amateur Hour antics from day one, they save us the bother of ever taking this company seriously.


    But wait, there’s more………..Mr. Wonderful has also arrived into northern Ontario. “Whenever an opportunity like getting into a world class district such as the Cobalt camp comes along, one has to ask themselves if there is something new to try that will lead to significant discovery,” commented Quinton Hennigh, Chairman of Kuya. “After careful review of historic data, we clearly see considerable opportunity to make a new discovery at Cobalt.” Oh really?


    […] PT Barnum PhD’s latest pump and dump cannot get listed. You may remember that Mantaro raised C$7.9m in IPO funding as its part of the deal, we then awaited the rubber-stamping of the RTO to Yuntone. And waited. And waited. […]


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