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Marc Faber on gold

Today we read that Marc Faber is bullish on gold. Now there’s a ground-shaker:
Good Entry Point For Gold Right Now – Marc Faber

Gold’s volatility does not sway this famed economist as he thinks, regardless of recent gold market fluctuations, now is a good buying time. 

“My sense is that we’ve been at $1,921 on the gold price in September 2011, we’re now around $1,200. Well, I think this is a reasonably good entry point,” said Marc Faber, editor and publisher of the Gloom Boom & Doom Report, told Kitco News in a phone interview. Continues here

It’s good that he mentioned that high point for gold in 2011, because we can now compare his views today with those on September 9th 2011:

Marc Faber: Gold is “Dirt Cheap” — Price Could Reach $10,000 per Ounce

Also, check out the bit where he told us in September 2011 that stocks are going to drop hard for years to come. But let’s not restrict ourselves to one Faber Date, what about March 2012?
Buy Gold “Right Away” Says Marc Faber
Oh, there’s a thing. And how about August 2013?
Jim Rogers expects higher gold, and Marc Faber does too!
Shocking surprise that one. And March 2014?
Why Gold Looks Better than the S&P: Marc Faber, PhD
We could continue. IKN therefore thanks Marc Faber for the messages on gold and has its own message for the gentleman:

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