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Maria Belen Shapur: The photo of Mark Sanford’s Argentine lover

Maria Belen (for it is she)
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By way of stooping low and indulging in a bit of shameless, superficial weekend tittle-tattle, here’s a shot of Maria Belen Shapur, the Argentine lover of South Carolina dude Mark Stanford, as taken from a TV report she did from NYC in 2001 when reporting on the aftermath of Twin Towers/911. Her fledging career as a Teevee talkinghead never took off, apparently. Anyway, you can see the whole video with her head and her lips moving and all that jazz by clicking through here and scrolling to the bottom.

At the time her last name was reported as ‘Chapur’, not Shapur. Now is it just me, or is it a bit suspect to have an Argentine resident in the USA with an accidentally mis-spelled last name?

UPDATE: It’s all so obvious now! Thanks to the insight offered by Cheryl Williams, the Love & Marriage expert at The Charlotte Examiner, we finally understand the reason why Mark Stanford was cheating on his wife and lying to everyone else. The dude was in fact nailing his piece of Latina floozey BECAUSE HE IS A CHRISTIAN. Here’s Cheryl with the enlightenment:

“Governor Stanford has discovered …… being a Christian does not mean that you will never fall from grace. On the contrary, people of faith are just as vulnerable as anyone else when it comes to affairs of the heart. In a way, they may be even more vulnerable…due to their level of compassion, understanding and desire to help others.”

UPDATE 2: Oh how boring….turns out that photo might not be her after all. So much for my weekend gossip sleaze…

Forget update 2…that’s her

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