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Marin Katusa forgets about Uranium Energy Corp (UEC)

Funny how these things go, is it not? Here’s a screenshot from my mailbox this morning…
…which contains not one but two prompts to go see the Gold Report interview done by Marin Katusa (the guy that even a rogue like Porter Stansberry wouldn’t hire because he’s too scammy), via Marketwired (Katusa paying cash for that one) and then via the new Katusa lackey channel, Mineweb.
And then right underneath those two prompts was news on Uranium Energy Corp (UEC), the thing Katusa pumped earlier this year. Today’s news sees Casey Research fave promotions guy Amir Adnani tell the world that he’s lost yet another CFO (but of course if you read the NR you’d come away thinking that’s a good thnig, this Adnani dude is as much of a spinmeister as the Casey Research/Katusa scumbags).
And how’s UEC been getting on recently?
Ah, that well? So that will be why Marin Katusa forgot to mention it in his Gold Report piece today. Strange how back in April he was saying things like “High Frequency Trading & Lying Bloggers Attack UEC“, defending his pick to the hilt, telling everyone how it was a no-brainer winner etc etc promoBS ad infinitum.

And now, nothing.


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