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Marin Katusa is leaving the building

Looks like our old buddypalmucker (virtual chock of shoulder) Marin Katusa has decided to stop being in the direct front line of the frontrunning Casey scams and is about to retire from the actual writing of his bullshit pumps. This mail (slightly redacted for obvious reasons) was received by your author from not just one but four sources on Monday and Tuesday (seems other people care about what’s going on round at your shop Duggie….and the name of one of the senders even surprised me, which takes some doing these days when the subject is Casey Research, sadly).

From: Gwen Preston [mailto:gwen AT caseyresearch.com]
Sent: Monday, January 17, 2011XXXXX
To: gwen (AT) caseyresearch.com
Subject: New beginnings
Hi everyone,
Just a quick note to let you know that I have left the Northern Miner and moved to work with Marin Katusa at Casey Research. I will gradually be taking over Marin’s energy newsletters.
I spent 3.5 great years with the Miner and very much enjoyed meeting, traveling, and working with you all. I hope we continue to cross paths in the future!
My new email is gwen AT caseyresearch.com. My phone is 77X XXXXXXX 3.
So Casey gets a new writer for the Energy Letter, Marin Katusa has time to train her up to that ‘special’ way of presenting ‘facts’ they use round there and once that’s all done Marin gets to spend more time with his new BFF Ricky R. And they all lived happily ever after out of jail and yes we love a happy ending at IKN.

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