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Marin Katusa’s scams and other Casey Research scamsters

Why allow anonymous commenters at IKN these days? This is why. An anon comment today woke your soporific author to the sidebet scam that Casey Research’s Marin Katusa played with the Casey Research pumped Bayfield Ventures (BYV.v), the stock story we featured last week to show how all that insider selling went on while the Casey sheep were buying chunks on the promo pump gone wrong.
What Anon alerted this humble scribe to was this little filing. Here’s the relevant excerpt:

BULLETIN TYPE: Private Placement-Non-Brokered
BULLETIN DATE: October 21, 2010
TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

TSX Venture Exchange has accepted for filing documentation with respect to
a Non-Brokered Private Placement announced September 13, 2010:

Number of Shares:                3,571,429 flow-through shares

Purchase Price:                  $1.40 per share

Number of Placees:               26 placees

Finder's Fee:                    KBH Capital Corp. (Marin Katusa, Dr. Marc
                                 Bustin and Joe Hung) will receive a
                                 finder's fee of $249,999.96 and 178,572
                                 Finder's Warrants that are exercisable
                                 into common shares at $1.16 to October
                                 14, 2012.
So apparently this KBH Capital Corp made $250,000 off the recent Bayfield placement, as well as large chunks of incentive warrants. What’s more, if you look at the placement terms and then do the math, it turns out that every single dollar of the $5m raised by BYV.v was placed via KBH Capital. In other words, the Casey sheep loaded up on everything sold by Bayfield and as a result put $250,000 into the pockets of Katusa, Bustin and Hung. so who are these characters running this scam? Ladies and gentlemen, IKN proudly presents………..
Marin Katusa, Senior Market Strategist, Casey Research.
Marc Bustin, Senior Research, Unconventional Oil and Gas, Casey Research.

Joe Hung, Research Analyst, Casey Research.

Yeah, funny dat innit? It just so turns out that KBH Capital Corp, the company that placed every single dollar of the $5m raised by Bayfield (BYV.v) in its last placement, is run by three people who work together at Casey Research. And Casey Research is the very same house of scams that pumped BYV.v to the moon on unrealistic expectations of nailed on buyout talks based on drill holes that might look flashy and good to start with but haven’t held up to the light of better geological brains’ analysis (and if you don’t believe me on that, check the share price action and how insiders were so keen on getting out at the same time as Casey Research was getting its sheep in).

But just as a little extra, you remember how this scumball scamster Marin Katusa pumped CBM Asia (TCF.v) as the NextBigThing way back when and then squirmed and moaned and couldn’t be bothered to admit his error afterwards? Well it turns out that a certain Dr. Marc Bustin was hired as a consultant to TCF.v at the same time as the Katusa pump job that went so disastrously wrong, which may also have something to do with a Marc Bustin who’s a founder of a company called CBM Solutions. All one big happy scamster family, eh Marin?
It’s incredible to watch these shysters at Casey Research and how they use their own subscription list to pump cash into their own back pockets so brazenly by reco’ing and enthusing on any old dog of a stock. 
DYODD, dude.

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