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Marin Katusa’s true expertise on diamonds, revealed

My thanks to eagle-eyed reader ‘M’, who spotted the true level of Marin Katusa’s deep expertise on the diamond industry. On reading the Lucara (LUC.to) post earlier this week, M wrote in to explain to your humble scribe (a self-confessed knownothing about the diamond trade) that despite Katusa claiming he had done deep DD and been following the sector for years, despite him having a team of proofreaders on hand to massage his pump-prose to within an inch of illegality and despite having the chutzpah to give a long ‘splainer on how De Beers and the diamond sales industry operates…he gets the basic vocabulary wrong:
It’s “sightholders”, Marin. Not “Site”. And not “Site Holder”. One word, one spelling. 
And while we’re at it, it’s not “DeBeers” either. It’s “De Beers” you freakin’ charlatan.

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