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Mark Bristow resigns from the Kaplan “Panthera” conservation group

A timeline for your consideration:

September 22nd: IKN scoops the world on the Barrick/Randgold (aka Randick) merger.

September 24th: Merger announced and, along with the flurry of fun, we re-publish photos of Mark Bristow with his trophy big game kills first featured on this blog in August 2016.

September 26th: This humble corner of cyberspace receives more photos of Bristow and his trophy hunting kills, therefore we publish them.

However, unlike August 2016 when nobody cared about this humble corner of cyberspace, the fact that IKN had run that scoop got it a whole new set of eyeballs. In particular, the eyeballs of UK based journalists who were all over the Randick merger like a rash by then. As a result…

October 1st: The Financial Times and the Daily Telegraph picked up and published on the story, then on October 2nd The Daily Mail ran its report on Mark Bristow and his disgusting hobby. All collated in this post, right here.

And with a roll on the drums…

October 7th:RandGold CEO resigns from conservation group after trophy hunting scandal“, which is a happy little report that starts like this:

 RandGold Resources CEO Mark Bristow has resigned from the conservation
council of a big cat protection organisation, Panthera following UK
reports picturing him on hunting trips.

Just goes to show what a pissant blog can achieve sometimes…

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