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Max Resources MXR.v underscores its scam pump credentials

IKN Nerve Centre today received a nice mail from a friend called A. Person, who is so nice he let me reproduce it here:

Max Resource Corp. (TSXV:MXR) just optioned out a new gold property in Peru, see StockWatch NR here. This company has failed to deliver numerous times under the current management. Constantly hopping between properties. They famously claimed gold samples ‘washed away’ last year on their Choco gold project in Colombia.

And indeed all that is true, so the nudge on today’s news was appreciated A. Person. Because anyone who has spent more than a day looking at “gold mine opportunities on offer to Canadian companies” will know the name of the project MXR has picked up:

Max Resource Corp. has executed an option agreement to acquire a 100-per-cent interest in the RT gold property, consisting of two contiguous mineral concessions located 760 kilometres northwest of Lima in the district of Tabaconas, Peru.

Dear reader, your humble scribe doesn’t know where to begin. Do we go with the generational opposition to outsiders in that zone? Do we point out the town and whole concession area is controlled from a prison cell by the brother of ex-President Ollanta Humala, Antauro, who was jailed for murdering police officers during a planned uprising against the Peru government at the time? That his political party is currently causing mayhem in Congress? Or do we go with the way “RT”, in fact Rio Tabaconas, has been handed from Canadian exploreco to Canadian exploreco for the last two decades without a single useful result coming from any of the companies or projects involved? And that during those two decades, the amount of energy Canada’s squalid PR industry has dedicated to this so-called asset in order to separate idiots from their money beggars belief.

Sometimes, junior mining is easy. With its NR today, Brett Matich could not have made his intentions clearer if he had tattooed I AM A CROOK in big blue letters on his forehead.

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