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McEwen Mining (MUX): Just how bad was Fox Complex in Q1?

A list of things:

  • MUX always pre-announces production
  • It’s now 33 days since the end of Q1 and the NR hasn’t shown
  • All we got is this April 5th NR telling us that Gold Bar hit its target, but Fox and MSC didn’t
  • We know how bad MSC (i.e. San José) was, because operator Hochschild told us on April 26th
  • Therefore, the question: Just how bad was the Fox Complex number in 1q22?

This humble corner of cyberspace doubts mere forgetfulness at MUX, so what is Rob hiding from the market? Would it be connected with the recent price action? Inquiring minds, etc

PS: The Ball is back in court. According to the MIC filed tonight, erstwhile MUX President Ian Ball has been nominated to the board of directors. Which is interesting.


    Not about MUX but just listened to an interview with the CEO of AUL and this is the first time I’ve heard him mention a number, 400 000 oz. That probably the MRE will be a little bit better, say 500 000 oz. That would be a nice number.

    A Beaten Down Prospectors Cabin In The Woods The Deep Dark Woods of British Columbia 03/05/22 5:13 pm

    Would make more money financing Todd Hoffman than buying MUT (MUX) shares


    MUX cfo and coo just resigned. This earnings call on may 13 should be a blast! Another pgm, bsx, nvo in the making.


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