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McEwen Mining (MUX): Puppet Show and Spinal Tap

“If I told them once I’ve told them a hundred times, to put Spinal Tap first and puppet show last,”
  Jeanine Pettibone, This Is Spinal Tap
Today brings another example of a junior trying to bury the real news below the flying sequins, McEwen Mining (MUX) telling us all about its fabulous plans for the proven money pit it bought from Primero. Here’s the title:

Get those last two words? And here was me, thinking that the idea of buying Black Fox was to…
1) Make a profit on your operation
2) Re-invest that money into projects
3) Grow organically and accrete shareholder value
…but no, actually making money by producing gold and silver….that’s so oldskool. So instead of making $15m, the guy with the teeth who promised you he’d look after you retail guys is going to take that upside away from you all.

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